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📱 Mobile Machine Learning

Right from trained checkpoints to an Android app

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Deploying machine learning models on mobile devices is the new phase of ML that’s about to begin. Vision models, mostly object detection models, have already made their way to mobile devices along with speech recognition, image classification, text completion etc. …

Solving the usual confusion.

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For most of us, who were once newbies in Deep Learning, trying tf.keras.layers.Conv2D for MNIST classification was fun. Convolutions are the building blocks of most algorithms in computer vision, except for some newer variants like Vision Transformers, Mixers, etc. which claim to solve image-related problems without the use of convolutions…

👨‍🏫 Mathematics

(1/3) Intro, Discrete random variables, probability mass functions …

A Random Variable. Source: Image by Author

Probability distributions are one of the most important concepts in the Probability Theory and are found all across Mathematics, Physics and other natural sciences. In Physics, you might have studied the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution which describes the speed of particles ( atoms ) of an ideal gas kept in the closed…

📱 Mobile Machine Learning

Perform the fastest-ever image segmentation in Android

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Image Segmentation is one of most useful feature that ML has provided us. Have you ever wondered how the ‘blur background’ feature works in Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams? How can a machine realize the difference between a person and the background without any depth perception?

That’s where image…

👨‍🏫 Mathematics

Understand it with a game

Image By Author

Linear Independence is an important concept in linear algebra and can be discovered in any high-school “Coordinate Geometry” textbook. In order to grasp some other concepts like *span, dimension and basis vectors, a concrete understanding of linear independence is essential.

Instead of going through the textbook-ish way to introduce the…

👨‍🏫 Mathematics

Geometric Intuition and Derivation

Image By Author.

The Moore-Penrose Pseudoinverse or Moore-Penrose Generalized Inverse or simply Pseudoinverse is a special matrix used to solve non-consistent linear systems of equations. It provides a least-squares solution to the problem

1. Refresher on Inverse Matrices

Considering matrices as compact representations of a linear transformation, inverse matrices, in a similar manner, represent a linear transformation which…

🤖 Deep Learning

Understanding MLP-Mixers from beginning to the end, with TF Keras code

Source: “MLP-Mixer: An all-MLP Architecture for Vision”

Earlier this May, a group of researchers from Google released a paper “MLP-Mixer: An all-MLP Architecture for Vision” introducing their MLP-Mixer ( Mixer, for short ) model for solving computer vision problems. The research suggests that MLP-Mixer attains competitive scores on image classification benchmarks such as the ImageNet.

One thing…

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